Y&R Recap: Audra turns down Tucker’s marriage proposal, Nikki resorts to drinking, and there’s speculation about Billy’s future at the company.

Wed April 4, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Jack and Nikki talk over the threat posed by Jordan, Lily and Devon weigh the pros and cons of retaining Billy, and Billy updates Chance on the recent wave of firings.

Wednesday’s recap: Audra is floored when Tucker pops the question, Ashley confides in Traci about her memory lapses, and Jordan, incognito as a guy, needles Nikki.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 4. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In the GCAC dining room, Devon asks Lily what has changed to make her think that Billy should stay at Chancellor-Winters now that she’s back.


She argues her stance is purely logical, while he views Billy as counterproductive.

His sister points out Jill’s desire for Billy to remain in the company.

She expresses her dislike for the company resembling a battleground, a perspective her brother fails to share.

Lily believes that dismissing Billy would provoke Jill’s displeasure.


He can understand her loyalty to Jill but she’s overreacting and fueling this war. His sister points out firing Billy will make it worse.

They debate this. He admits that Mamie’s idea to split up the company makes sense.

That worries Lily, who doesn’t want all these power plays.

He snipes about her firing their colleagues because she has a problem with them.


He admits that he wants to cut Billy loose for personal reasons but he also has a lousy record.

She knows he’s all over the place and keeps dumping one company for another. Devon is surprised she wants to work with him at all.

Lily doesn’t think her break-up with Billy is like her break-up with Daniel and isn’t relevant here. She will talk to him to figure out what he thinks he’s bringing to the company.

Devon hopes he’s honest and admits he’s restless and will move on because he doesn’t think he’s worth the trouble.

At Chancellor-Winters, Chance asks Billy if Daniel has really been let go. Billy confirms it, adding that Heather has been let go too.


Chance wonders why this is happening. Billy doesn’t think it will end well.

Billy explains that things have not improved since Lily returned. He’s determined to stay in place to protect Jill’s interests.

If they don’t find a replacement fast, they will have to fire a lot more people as his division falls apart.


They sit and Chance offers to listen to his issues with Connor.

Billy can’t say much so he’s vague but admits he feels for Adam.

It’s not an easy situation and he hopes that Adam can reign it in for Chelsea’s sake.

Chance doubts that will happen.


Billy knows he has to keep his distance so things won’t be worse.

Chance can admire the logic.

He reminds him of a meeting and then is about to leave when Devon and Lily arrive.

They start arguing about the firing and Billy assumes there will be blowback since they were not dismissed for any fireable offenses.


Lily declares this has to end and asks to speak to Billy alone.

Once they are, Billy tells Lily they won’t agree on much going forward.


She fears she will regret telling his brother he should be there.

They bicker about Devon trashing him behind his back.


Billy is glad she doesn’t want him gone.

She thinks there needs to be a clear chain of command and asks why he’s there.

What does he want to accomplish and can he put the company first?


In the jazz lounge, Tucker holds up the ring and tells Audra he doesn’t want to waste any more time.

She doesn’t know what to say.

He thinks it should be yes.


He offers to get on his knee.

She doesn’t have an answer but she has questions.

Why now?

McCall says he’s realized his life will only be complete with her.

It feels like he’s meant to be and he’s afraid his life won’t be right without her.


He tells her she’s the moon and the stars.

She doesn’t need poetry and demands to know what the catch is.


They’ve barely been together as a couple and he’s already proposing marriage.

He says they have been together otherwise for years and shared everything else. Is this about the timing or him?

Audra loves him but this isn’t ringing true. It feels like a reaction to someone else, like he’s trying to prove a point.

He yells that this has nothing to do with Ashley. This is about him loving her and wanting them to be together forever.


When he mentions his run-in with his son, she asks if he is trying to prove that someone loves him.

Is that what this is about?

Shaking his head, he says he memorizes her face when she sleeps and it gives him peace.

His son told him that he’s all alone and always will be.

He told himself that’s wrong because he has Audra.

Pocketing the ring, he adds he’s been thinking about this for a while but seeing Devon reinforced his decision and made him realize how important she is.


After he downs a glass of champagne, she tells him she can’t do it.

They have chemistry and excitement and know how each other work.

Marriage is so separate from who they are.


A month ago, he would agree but something has changed and a life with her is all he wants.

If not now, when?

He’s scared and doesn’t know if it will work but he’s willing to give it a shot.

His head may tell him it’s too soon, but it feels right.


She’s not there yet.

Laughing, he says that’s fair.

Maybe he’ll propose again tomorrow. He should have gotten a skywriter.

Audra asks again if he’s trying to prove something to Ashley, Devon, or himself.


He offers to consider those questions and hopes she will give his proposal some serious thought.

“I’ll try,” she says, telling him this has all been lovely.

She toasts to them, the world’s most unconventional couple.


They dance and he tells her how special their connection is.

She thinks that might be because they aren’t married.

They kiss and make love.


At the Abbott estate, Traci calls her sister after discovering she’s gone.

She begs her to come home and promises not to tell anyone about her memory lapses.

Jack and Nikki arrive and he asks how things are.

She says their sister came home but won’t explain any more and rushes out.


Nikki guesses her presence stopped Traci from telling him something.

He assures her there is always an issue at the Abbott manse.

Jack turns the subject back to the man who bought her a drink.


She’s sure that Jordan is behind it. She could have partners in crime all over town.

He points out a man might have just seen a beautiful woman and bought her a drink.

She says they would have stuck around.

He thinks that her leaving town will be great. It will be safer.


She’s having second thoughts about the trip now.

Jordan would love it if she thought she’d scared her out of town.

It would also leave Victoria and Claire vulnerable and she won’t give her the satisfaction.


He can understand her not wanting to give Jordan a win but he wants her safe.

She reminds him that she has Larry and he’ll be vigilant now that they know Jordan has accomplices.

Diane walks in on them.


Nikki decides she needs to get home to stop Victor from planning the trip.

Diane wonders what’s making her stick around.

Nikki hugs Jack and he shows her out.

His wife asks about Nikki.

He won’t go into it but says the fight isn’t over yet.


He notices something is bothering her and wants to know what it is.

She doesn’t think it’s something he wants to hear.


With some prodding, Diane admits she has a problem with him being forced to spend so much time with Nikki.

She wishes the Newman no ill will and maybe she’s just being insecure.

Jack apologizes and says he needs to show her how much he loves her.

She’s not angling for attention.

Kissing her, he tells her she has no reason to feel insecure.


Nikki returns to the Newman ranch and pulls a bottle of vodka from her purse.

She fondles it and then takes a drink and then another.


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