Y&R Recap: Lily suspects Daniel of infidelity and confronts him, while Nick and Victor choose not to reveal their scheme against Jordan.

Wed March 13, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Chance advises Billy and Devon to cool down, Sally extends her support to Adam, and Michael inquires if Victoria believes fate is responsible for Cole’s return.

Tuesday’s recap: Victor Pulls a Fast One on Jordan as She Plans to Abandon Him, While a Hungover Phyllis Discovers Summer and Chance’s Close Encounter

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 13. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam meets Sally at Society and shares that his family is in chaos at the moment.

He explains that his father’s fate is controlled by a crazed woman and his son is suffering from profound emotional anguish.


She expresses her sorrow for all the distress and mentions “this Jordan woman.” He updates her on Jordan’s actions.

She’s stunned to learn that his father struck a bargain with the woman who set his daughter’s house on fire.

He fears his father might be in an exceedingly perilous situation.

Spectra is confident that he’s shrewd enough to avoid being outmaneuvered by anyone.

Adam feels frightened for everyone involved. Holding his hand, she assures him of her support.


He’s confident that no one can outwit his dad, so he remains hopeful.

She’s convinced that both he and Chelsea will do everything necessary for Connor as well.


Sally hopes he could view himself through her eyes.

Despite his bad boy facade, she acknowledges her own history of mischief.

They regret not crossing paths earlier in life.

Adam laments the agonizing nature of waiting.

She believes his gifted intellect is likely envisioning numerous outcomes.

Humorously, she suggests focusing the conversation on him as a means to lift his spirits, highlighting his remarkable qualities.


He feels she’s out of his league and deserves some tender loving care as well.

He mentions her business, and she suggests they can sort that out afterward.

They embrace, expressing their love for each other before he departs.


At the ranch, Michael and Cole work to soothe Victoria as she frets over her father and brother’s well-being.

She finds the suspense unbearable.


How much longer must they endure Jordan’s terror?

Michael reassures her that Victor has meticulously strategized and has numerous backup plans in place.

He has escaped far more perilous predicaments.


Victoria laments that her father should not have undertaken this alone.

The lawyer points out that Victor always follows his own path.

Cole is burdened with guilt over his family’s actions towards Victoria, which he finds reprehensible.

She insists he stop blaming himself, as he couldn’t have altered the situation. They comfort each other by holding hands.

After Cole departs, Victoria confides in Michael that Jordan’s persistent aggression is wearing her down.


The lawyer remarks on the blessing of Cole entering her life.

She doubts she could have navigated through this ordeal without him.

Michael expresses hope that Cole intends to remain, considering the lengthy journey Claire faces.

He suggests that it wouldn’t be detrimental if a positive outcome emerged from their situation for both of them.


Michael appreciates Cole, considering him a decent, reliable man.

She concurs.

When he questions if fate reunited them, she denies it, requesting he refrain from attempting to pair them up.


The very idea of starting a relationship is the furthest from her desires or needs.

Cole happens to overhear her expressing these sentiments.


In time, he joins them, bringing sandwiches.

Claire has finally fallen asleep after a restless night alongside Nikki.

Their concerns grow over Nikki and the overwhelming stress she’s under.


Adam comes by inquiring if there’s any update.

With no news to share, the worry shifts to the possibility of Nick being ensnared.


Victor and Nick make their appearance. Upon seeing her father, his daughter rushes towards him.

“This nightmare is finished,” Victor announces, explaining that Nick was in on this with him all along.


BBack in the basement, Jordan hammers at the door, hurling curses at Victor.


Upon entering the Chancellor-Winters office, Devon is taken aback to see Abbott returning so quickly.


“You miss me?” Billy asks.

Devon remarks how pleasant it was in his absence.

Billy questions him regarding Mamie’s efforts to wield undue influence.


Their argument revolves around her intentions to oust Jill from the company and divide it.

Billy probes whether Devon would prefer sole command over his section of the business.

Devon remains silent. Billy declares the merger a misstep.

His stance has evolved considerably since he initially backed it.


The balance of power within the company has shifted, emphasizing the necessity to advocate for his mother’s paramount interests.

“Let’s split the company up,” he suggests.

Devon seeks Chance’s opinion.


Chance remarks that it’s beyond his expertise, yet he believes that ego clashes and internal disputes are detrimental to the company.

He suggests they need to calm down before exiting.


Devon and Billy debate over whose ego Chance was referring to.

Billy questions why Devon opposes the split, which could fulfill his desires and quell the discord.


Devon feigns ignorance of any conflict.

Billy suspects Devon resents his presence.


He proposes they defuse the situation by drafting an agreement.

Devon counters that Jill would never approve.

Chance and Nate convene at Crimson Lights to discuss the palpable strain within the office.


Nate believes Devon is making an effort to appear unaffected by Billy.

Chance concludes that neither desires to be embroiled in this dispute.

Nate questions if his allegiance to Billy is wavering.


The ex-officer suggests it’s time they adopt a more mature approach to prevent the situation from spiraling.


At Daniel’s place, Lucy obsesses over prom and frets about not getting an invitation.

She has a crush on Waylon Mars, notable for his impressive hairstyle.


Upon inquiring about this boy, her father insists on meeting him before any plans are made.

Lily, entering with groceries, is taken aback to find them all together.


He quickly moves to greet her, welcoming her back.

She had planned a surprise for him but finds herself on the receiving end of surprises instead.

Lucy and Heather greet her warmly upon her return.

Lily shares that Mattie’s condition is improving, mentioning she’s left her with a therapist.

Heather and her daughter then head out for a shopping trip.


Lily wastes no time in questioning Daniel about the situation at hand.

He expresses his happiness to see her, noting her absence was prolonged.

She presses on, noting Heather’s guilty look upon her arrival.


She senses she’s walked into the middle of something.

Daniel concedes that there’s a matter they need to discuss.


She guesses that he and his ex got back together while she was gone.

He admits it. It was unintentional and he admits they slept together.

The draw was too strong and they needed to get back what they had.

Lily points out he called and texted her the whole time like nothing had changed.


He wanted to do this face to face and not pile this on her while she was looking after her daughter.

She asks how long this has been happening. He explains they only slept together once and it felt right, like they found their way home.

That’s TMI for her. She has to sit down.

Tears running down her cheeks, she says this hurts.


Hurting her is the last thing he wanted to do.

“That’s what people say after they hurt you the most,” she says.

She starts kicking herself for not seeing this when Heather kept using Lucy as an excuse to show up.

He claims that’s not what happened and this was spontaneous.

Lily says sex isn’t the only way to cheat. Delaying telling her was cheating.


She wonders if anything they had was real. He insists it was. He had no idea this would happen.

Lily asks if he’s fallen back in love with Heather.

“I don’t think I ever stopped loving her,” he admits.


She knew that he hadn’t gotten over his feelings for her.

Daniel says he moved on without her and then she moved back to town.

Lily doesn’t need the recap. She thought he was someone she could have faith in.

He’s sorry, however pointless apologizing is. But he wants her to tell her how she feels.

She won’t yell. She just wants to get out of there.

He asks if he should have told her right away. She’s shocked when he admits that Devon urged him to stay quite.


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