Y&R Recap: Mrs. Abbott devises a plan to take down Tucker, intending for Audra to bear the blame, while Cole shares a kiss with Victoria following a family outing.

Tues April 9, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Audra informs Tucker that marriage isn’t necessary for them, Mrs. Abbott intimidates Ash, and Claire learns about Neil.

Monday’s recap: “Ash” unnerves Audra, followed by Ashley directing commands to her alternate personalities. Meanwhile, Nikki and Victor concoct a scheme to ensnare Jordan.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 9. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Cole is taken aback upon arriving at the Newman ranch, discovering that Claire and Victoria are still in the midst of unpacking.


Cole initially suspects issues with Jordan might be at play, but Victor insists they will not talk about her that evening, choosing instead to go to a jazz lounge.

Victoria mentions to Cole her intention to inform their daughter about Neil, highlighting Neil’s potential past role as almost becoming Claire’s stepfather.

Cole acknowledges his initial displeasure when Neil offered to step in but now values Neil’s efforts to assist.


Claire assures him he’s bene the best father she could have hoped for.

He wants her to know her whole life story.

They tell her how special Neil was.

Claire feels like she keeps meeting people who have touched her life and can’t wait to learn more.


Summer and Chance go to the jazz lounge after their romp in a suite.

She gets a text from Daniel asking to meet for breakfast.

She’s sure he’s mad about being fired but likely should have expected it.

She worries he didn’t think about the repercussions.

Chance says people don’t when it comes to love.


She explains how her brother went to a dark place when his painting career cratered.

Princess Louisa is what brought him back to himself and his family.

She worries he could spiral again.

He admits he was surprised by the speed of the firing but understands how much betrayal hurts.

Summer gets it too but still worries about her brother.


He says all she can do is be there for him.

They talk about how much trouble love can cause and why it’s worth it to keep trying.

They get up and dance.


The Newmans arrive as a pack and Summer isn’t thrilled.

Nikki asks them to join them.


Victor takes Summer to the bar and asks why he has the feeling she’s not comfortable with her new cousin.

She’s not sure about him getting so “chummy” with her after she poisoned him.

He explains that are moving on and she was a product of her upbringing.


Cole, Victoria and Claire stand by the Neil shrine.

The parents explain they were headed for divorce when she started dating Neil and found out she was pregnant.


When she told Neil, he wanted to marry her and raise Claire as his own.

When Cole found out, he wanted to raise her as his daughter.

Then Victoria’s appendix burst and she was born and they thought they lost her.

Victor and Nikki talk about how great naming the lounge after Neil was.

It keeps him in everyone’s memory.


Now they can all go there and remember him. Nikki misses him at the AA meetings.

The lounge feels a lot like Neil. It’s almost safe.

Summer starts to worry but Nikki says she’s sure Jordan won’t come there. She goes off to powder her nose.

Victoria thinks her mom seems skittish and wonders if she should be following her.

Nikki starts downing some vodka in the hallway.


Cole asks Victoria to dance.

Claire happily watches them and Summer and Chance get up for another spin on the floor.

Claire worries to Victor that Summer thinks she’s a monster.

He’s sure she will win her cousin over.


Nikki returns and the three of them watch Cole and Victoria dancing.

Cole and Victoria dance and talk about how they wouldn’t make the same mistakes now as they did in the past.


The Newmans all sit together and Victor has them toast to family and the anniversary of his marriage.

After the Newmans exit, Summer thanks Chance for being a good sport even with her new cousin.

He says that he feels like Claire is trying very hard and wants a friend.


Is it that hard to give her a chance?

Cole brings Victoria and Claire home. She tells her parents it was almost a perfect night.

She gets the sense that Summer isn’t wild about her and isn’t sure she can win her over.


Her parents assure her she won’t be an enemy and just needs to spend more time with her.

Once she goes off to bed, Cole thanks Victoria for the dance.

They both think it was nice.

He kisses her.


Victor and Nikki return to the ranch.

He thought that was a wonderful evening.


They talk about how wonderful their party will be.

She’s hungry and sends him off to fetch the chef.

As soon as he’s gone, she yanks out her vodka and tells herself just to take sips until Jordan is gone.

Then she can fight it. She has to take it a sip at a time and no one will know.


Daniel stops by Lily’s office at Chancellor-Winters to discuss Omegasphere.

He gets her cutting him out but begs her to let him have Princess Louisa.


Creating that saved him and his relationship with his daughter.

He asks her to remember why they did this and begs her not to take it away.

He hates that he hurt her. She thinks it’s too late for that.

She reminds him that he has no power in this.

Princess Louisa served its purpose.

It got him his family back.


“Now it’s just another game and I own it,” she declares.

He thought they could do this civilly but if she’s going to take a hard line, she leaves him no choice.

He’ll be suing for wrongful termination and argue to keep what he brought it. That makes Lily laugh.

He adds that Heather will represent him and she rarely loses.

“Get ready for a fight,” he says, walking out.


Tucker and Audra return to his suite and she tells him he’s right about Ashley.

Something is seriously wrong with her.

He hopes Jack and the Abbotts can get her the help she needs.

McCall pulls out the ring box.


She wonders why he didn’t bring up the proposal to Ashley.

That would have been cruel.

He waves the ring in her face.


They sit and she tells him that what Ashley has been showing has been more than mood swings.

It’s really jarring and she seems to be planning to hurt him.

He can’t imagine her being physically dangerous.

Audra tells him that he wants to give them a fairy tale ending but they don’t fit that convention.

If he wants every day with her, he can have it.


They don’t have to force it into something traditional.

He thinks she sounds superstitious about marriage.

She has no doubt it would ruin them.

They are in a great place and that’s enough.

She kisses him and promises him plenty more.

She’s late to meet Sally.


Ashley sits in the dark in her suite.

In her mind, Mrs Abbott (far right in black) yells at Ash (the young one in grey) to come to attention.

Ash accuses her of hatching a plan that will backfire and get Ashley in trouble when they are supposed to be protecting her.


Mrs Abbott says it’s her job to get Tucker out of Ashley’s life.

Ash says what she’s planning is “gross” and Ashley could get the blame.

If that happens, they won’t have protected her at all.

Mrs Abbott explains that Tucker’s “bimbo” will take the fall.

She declares her plan is genius and threatens to make Ash disappear if she gets in the way.


Ash protests that she will stop her but Mrs Abbott declares she’s the strong one and Ashley would be nowhere without her.

She orders Ash to go back to sleep.


As she falls to sleep, she tries calling out but Ashley doesn’t hear her.

Mrs Abbott promises Ashley that he will soon be gone of good and she will be safe.

Ashley comes to and is shocked by her makeup.

She wipes off the pink lipstick and declares it’s time for Tucker to go.


Billy arrives at the Abbott estate and joins Traci, Jack, and Diane.

Traci tells them that she is scared to death for Ashley.


Jack thinks that McCall has just been playing mind games with their sister and trying to convince them she’s unwell.

Traci thinks there’s more to it.

They can’t sit back and do nothing when something bigger is clearly happening.

Jack and Diane think they should keep their distance but Traci worries about the consequences.

Billy doesn’t see the urgency.


Traci explains things have gotten dangerous.

This worries everyone.

She explains that their sister has been having blackouts.

She’s losing time and waking up in random places.


Jack realizes this is serious.

Billy asks how long this has been happening.

His sister says they have all seen erratic behavior.

Traci is sure something serious is going on.

She’s been pushing her to see someone and she agreed but then quickly changed her mind.


Ashley walks in, sees them looking grim, and asks who has died.

She accuses her sister of blabbing and betraying her.

She’s not happy when Jack suggests she has a “condition” and needs to see a doctor.


They try to reassure her and claim they only want to help.

Tucker shows up and Ashley declares that the gang is all there.


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