Y&R Recap: Nick consoles Adam, Victor plans to sweep Nikki off her feet, and Tucker informs Jack that Ashley is unraveling.

Fri Mar 29, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Jack accompanies Nikki to an AA session, Kyle confesses his bitterness towards Diane, and Nick offers Adam encouragement.

Thursday’s recap: Nikki Discovers Jordan’s Escape, Diane and Kyle Have a Dispute, Then Claire Levels an Accusation at Kyle

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Mar 29. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In the GCAC bar, Tucker catches sight of Jack and requests a moment of his time. The Abbott shows hesitation.


He cherishes the club but dislikes encountering him. He questions why he’s not in Paris.

Tucker clarifies that the advent of the internet has made it possible to conduct business from anywhere.

Jack suspects he’s avoiding direct interaction with his employees, while Tucker hints at possibly relocating Glissade there.

Jack takes that as a jest.


Tucker actually wants to talk about Ashley and explains she sought him out.

Jack defends his sister and insists they will have no future.

McCall agrees, but he’s worried about her. She’s falling apart.


This offends Jack but Tucker says he doesn’t know what to make of her. There’s something he doesn’t recognize.

She’ll have sudden changes in personality and that has him worried.

Jack refuses to believe this is true but McCall can’t imagine he’s oblivious enough not to notice this has been happening.


She needs help now. Jack repeats that his sister is done with him and told him so this morning.

Tucker explains she told him this morning that she wants him back.

That disturbs Jack. He says he’s worried his sister will be sucked back into his life.

McCall repeats that she needs help and he hopes Jack can step in because he can’t.


The Abbott tells him to stay away from her and leave her to her family.

Kyle and Claire meet at Society. She’s sure he’s heard all about what she did and the facts don’t lie.


They joke about it but he still wants to hear her side.

Claire explains that her whole life was controlled by her deranged aunt.

It’s hard to explain why she trusted her completely and believed all she said.


He can’t understand how anyone could do that to a child. Claire says she was just a hateful, vindictive person.

She hates herself for what she’s put her family through. It’s incredible that they have forgiven and welcomed her.


Now she has a second chance to build a life for herself. Is this too far-fetched to believe?

Victoria joins them, happy to see her daughter talking to someone closer to her age.


Cole arrives and asks to speak to the family in private. Kyle gets up to excuse himself.


He assures Claire he’s not running from her, just giving them privacy.

Once he’s gone, Claire guesses Jordan escaped again. He assumes Nikki knows and this makes Victoria panic.

She worries that they caused this by confronting Jordan.


At Newman, Victor admits to Nick that Jordan escaped again.

“How does this keep happening?” complains Nick. There were cops and security right at her door.


They had her trapped in a basement to rot. Victor regrets letting the ladies go to see her.

Nikki mopes in to say she feels terrible.

Now Jordan is free to hunt them again and it’s her fault.


Her son tells her not to blame herself. Her husband isn’t thrilled she’s there rather than with all the security.

He asks if she stopped anywhere. Nikki admits she’s desperate for a drink.

They offer to distract her. She says she will just have to find ways to cope and is heading to a meeting.


Victor texts Larry the security guard to come and get her.

Nick reminds his mother that she has a moral center and Jordan can’t take that away.

When his parents leave Nick alone in the office, Sally shows up.

He warns that Victor is not in headspace to talk business now.


She’s not and tells him that Adam and Chelsea are flying off with Connor to put him in a residential facility.

It’s tearing Adam apart and Connor isn’t thrilled either.

Adam asked her to fill him and Victor in about this.

She hopes they will both support him. He’s really struggling.


Nick can feel for what his brother is going through and will remind him he’s there.

She assumes there is still tension between them because of her.

Nick says they are doing pretty well. She’s happy to hear that. It’s nice.

Before she can, Nick says his dad shouldn’t hear about Connor from her. Getting it third hand would be bad.


Nick offers to handle it.

Nick finds his brother at Crimson Lights and tells him that Sally has filled him in.


None of this is feeling great to Adam.

Nick has set up the jet for them to take.

His brother thanks him and wishes there was more he could do.


Adam is just pushing through.

Connor is terrified and mad but agreed to give it a shot.

This has been rough on Adam and Chelsea.

He’s worried about how hard she’s been on herself. She could spin out.


Nick urges him not to go there and asks if Billy is stepping up for her.

Adam isn’t thrilled to have him around but Nick says it’s all hands on deck and he’s in his corner too.

Nick adds that he told Sally not to fill Victor in.

He urges him to talk to their father before he leaves.

Reluctantly, Adam agrees and thanks him.


At AA, Nikki tells the group about how Jordan has infiltrated her whole life, burning down her daughter’s house and killing Seth.


When she was arrested, she thought she would finally pay but it’s not over.

That psycho has escaped and is out there.

Now her hope that life can go back to normal is gone and she’s hanging by a thread.


She could drink herself into oblivion so she doesn’t have to feel this primal rage.

It’s like she’s being hit by a tsunami and all she has to grip to is a tiny branch.

That’s the group.

She just can’t understand how this keeps happening.

Jordan is a nightmare she can’t wake up from.


Jack sits down beside her as she explains everyone keeps praising her for her moral fiber, but it’s not true.

Nikki is praying that Jordan rots and suffers.


Jack takes Nikki back to the ranch, assuming she wants to keep talking.


What she said at the meeting just seemed like the tip of the iceberg.

He feels bad if his touting of her moral superiority has been taking a toll.


Nikki says it just feels like a lie.

She only saved Jordan to make her suffer more.

The rage is one thing but the guilt is another.

He doesn’t think she should let her feelings fester.


Victor shuffles in, thanks Jack for making to the meeting, and walks him out.

In the hall, they talk about what the meeting took out of her.

Jack says progress doesn’t happen quickly.


Victor returns to his wife and asks if these meetings are too hard for her.

She explains that fighting the urge to drink is a constant one and she fears it will get worse.


Kissing her hand, he promises they can work on this. He has a plan.

He reminds her the anniversary of their first wedding is coming up.

She hadn’t forgotten.

He wants a big party and suggests they go on a trip before it.


If they are gone, Jordan will get out of town.

They cuddle and she asks him to take her away.


Cole, Victoria, and Claire show up.

Victor says the cops are doing what they can to find Jordan.

They are going on a trip and then having a party.


Victoria worries about this and what it could mean for Claire.

Claire insists Jordan can’t get to her anymore and her grandparents deserve a vacation.


Victor pumps his fist and smiles.


At the Abbott estate, Kyle tries talking to his father about a difference of opinion he’s had with Diane at work.


Jack has heard about it and won’t get in the middle of it.

Kyle thinks his mom thinks he resents her position and admits that he does.

Seeing how she rushes things bugs him.

He admits that he’s quick to point out her mistakes.

His dad is impressed he can recognize that and hopes they can break out of this unhelpful cycle.

Kyle assures him he will work it out.


Next week on Y&R!

“You know how you are always asking questions about your mother and me and the life you missed, instead of telling you stories, we could show you,” Cole suggests to eager Claire.


“Show me what?” she asks.

“Where it all began for us,” announces Victoria.


“What’s this?” Nikki asks the waiter at Society as he drops off a drink at her table.


“Courtesy of the gentleman at the bar Mrs Newman,” he explains.

They look over. “There’s no one there,” Nikki points out.

“He must have just left,” says the waiter.


When she asks what’s in the drink, he explains it is triple distilled vodka.

“Take it away! Please! Take it away!” she blurts.


Traci finds a distraught Ashley and asks where she’s been.


“I don’t know,” says Ashley.

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