Y&R Recap: Sally pushes an enraged Audra to contend for Tucker, Lily challenges Devon, and Ashley’s alternate personality passionately kisses Tucker.

Thurs March 14, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally and Audra strengthen their relationship, Heather and Daniel are optimistic about their future together, and Lily discovers recent developments within the company.

Wednesday’s recap: Lily suspects Daniel of infidelity and confronts him, while Nick and Victor choose not to reveal their scheme against Jordan.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 14. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra is organizing her lingerie in her suite at the GCAC when Tucker visits. She acknowledges overpacking but aims to be prepared for any scenario.


She has already booked a table at a romantic eatery in Paris.

Tucker breaks the news that their journey must be deferred.

The financial head and the operations chief of a business they’re purchasing will be unreachable for a month.


Audra believes the reason given is insufficient for canceling their plans.

He argues that making two separate trips doesn’t make sense and suggests waiting a month.

Convinced he’s not being truthful and that this is about Ashley, Audra confronts him.

He denies it’s about Ashley.

Audra brings up past promises, but he insists Ashley is not the issue.


She presses him to just sever ties with Ashley, but he maintains his stance that Ashley is not the problem.

Demanding honesty, he questions if every conversation will spiral into questioning about Ashley.

He warns if doubts about him persist like they did with Ashley, he’s out.


He leaves in frustration.

Alone, Audra vents her anger physically and departs feeling foolish.


In the dining area, Abby dines with her mother, who seems to be Ashley’s alter ego.

Her mother’s distraction is evident as Abby expresses excitement about returning to the business world.


Unaware of her mother’s recent issues, Abby encourages openness, hoping Tucker isn’t the concern.

Ashley assures she’s moved on from Tucker and advises her daughter to do the same and cease her antagonism towards him.


Abby remains determined to safeguard her mother.

She mentions that Tucker suspects her forgiveness is just a façade.

Her mother dismisses it as absurd, declaring the Tucker subject permanently off the table.

Abby expresses concern over her mother possibly relenting towards Tucker.

Her mother steers the conversation to her inaugural day on the board at Chancellor-Winters.


While Abby enthusiastically discusses her job, a voice within Ashley contemplates, “Ashley’s daughter is such a pain in the ass! The questions about Tucker.”

The voice inside eagerly anticipates resolving the situation, allowing Ashley to return and manage her bothersome daughter and family.


Suddenly, she states the need to return to the lab.

While they move towards the exit, Abby inquires whether her mother’s encouragement for Devon to reconcile with his father hints at her own intentions to forgive.


Her mother insists it was merely about clearing the air and quickly ushers her out, thinking about how “insufferable” Abby is.


Tucker descends the stairs.

Detecting something amiss, she inquires if the issue involves Audra.

He probes into her situation.

Following her grievance about an extended lunch with her daughter, she reaffirms to him that she isn’t toying with his emotions.


He begins to doubt her clarity on her desires and actions.

She proposes they retreat to his room for a more private conversation, which he declines.

She then provocatively mentions Audra and teases him about not taking off with her.


“You’re not you,” he says.

She asserts that she has never felt more true to herself.


He guides her away with a smile.

Descending to the jazz lounge, she requests an old fashioned.

His bewilderment grows as she behaves uncharacteristically.

The Ashley he’s familiar with is known for her subtlety and thoughtfulness, a stark contrast to her current demeanor: impulsive, confrontational, and somber.


She posits that she’s adopting a demeanor more akin to his own.

Expressing a readiness to adapt for his happiness, her attempt to kiss him is thwarted as he holds her at bay.

She laments his lack of spontaneity.


He starts to perceive her actions as aimless.

Despite her insistence that he is her objective, he remains skeptical.

Ashley professes her sincerity, offering him everything he desires.


Last night, he observed a look in her eyes he mistook for doubt but now understands as confusion.

His suspicion that something is fundamentally amiss with her has never been stronger.

She counters, suggesting his concerns about her mental health stem from her professed love for him.

McCall expresses his desire to assist her if she is indeed facing serious issues.


Ashley asserts she’s in a better state than she has been for a long while, yearning to reclaim what they once shared.


He questions whether she’d forsake her family for the sake of their relationship.

Without hesitation, she affirms, “In a heartbeat.”

Their reunion escalates into a passionate exchange as they kiss and become intimately involved.


Audra encounters Sally at Crimson Lights, engaging in casual conversation about their work.


Spectra inquires about Audra’s experience working with Tucker.

Audra draws parallels between working with Tucker and her experience with Adam.

Sally invites her to share a coffee.


They raise their cups in a mutual salute to overcoming their dismissals from Newman.


Audra commends Sally for her relationship with Adam, a sentiment not widely shared, for which Sally is grateful.

Audra reveals her and Tucker’s partnership extends beyond mere business, appreciating Sally’s lack of judgment.

They find common ground in their attraction to men who are disruptors.


Audra shares that Tucker has fallen out of her favor due to postponing their trip, suspecting his ex’s influence.

Ashley has openly expressed her desire to reunite with him.

Despite Tucker’s assurances of moving on, Audra harbors doubts.

She wrestles with the decision to fight for the relationship or to leave before things deteriorate further.

Sally empathizes, having faced a similar dilemma.

Audra describes Tucker as brilliant and unconventional, traits she finds both exhilarating and addictive. Despite her attempts to leave, she’s always drawn back.


Audra believed in their commitment, but now feels “that woman” is affecting Tucker’s decisions once more.

Spectra understands Audra’s fear of getting hurt again. Despite efforts to distance herself from Adam, Sally acknowledges the difficulty in letting go of a once-in-a-lifetime love, advising Audra to fight more fiercely for it.


Daniel meets with Heather at Society.

Heather shows understanding towards Daniel’s hesitation in disclosing their relationship to Lily, considering his kind nature.


He shared everything with her, leaving her hurt and upset, though not entirely taken aback.

He reflects that his transparency might have been excessive, especially since he confessed his enduring love for Heather.

Their reconciliation extends beyond Lucy, embodying a second chance for them both.


She acknowledges his decency.

Daniel suspects Lily might not share this view, expressing remorse for the pain caused.

Yet, he’s buoyed by the prospect of their shared future, affectionately kissing her hand.


Upon returning to his residence with Heather,

She contemplates whether recent events might complicate their professional dynamics.


He reassures that as adults, they’ll navigate through, preferring to divert the conversation to their daughter’s prom preparations, albeit apprehensively facing this milestone.


“What about us? Are you ready for that?” she asks. He is.

Relieved from the need to conceal their relationship, they can now freely express their affection with kisses whenever they wish, except at Chancellor-Winters.

Eagerly anticipating the future, they share a kiss, embracing the newfound openness of their relationship.


Devon is startled when his sister shows up at Chancellor-Winters.

“How could you have not told me about Daniel and Heather?” she asks.


He offers an apology, but she expects more from him.

He admits uncertainty about his ability to offer more.

He explains that he had Daniel promise to disclose the truth, acknowledging their mutual discomfort in keeping secrets from her, yet they aimed to avoid burdening her further.

Lily understands his intent to shield her, yet she feels an overwhelming urge to scream and physically express her frustration towards them.


She felt how strong Daniel’s connection to Heather was when she returned.

As he explained, she could understand. He wants a family again.

As hurt as she is, she gets it.

When she asked if he was falling back in love with Heather, he admitted he never stopped loving her.

So it was all about him, not Lucy.

What does this say about their relationship?


She’s not angry at Devon, just really sad.

She thought what they had was special and she was wrong.

Her brother says she hasn’t found anyone who deserves her.

Lily needs the distractions of work or she will go crazy.

She asks about the issues with Billy.


He admits things aren’t good but Chance is settling in okay.

Abby shows up, happy to see Lily back.

Lily congratulates her on joining the board.


She wonders if Billy will return now that she’s back.

Devon explains that he’s settled in to protect the company from their family.

Mamie wants to split the company into two entities.

Devon thinks this is too extreme.

Abby feels like she’s stuck walking a tightrope between two families she loves again.

Lily is starting to feel like she came back at the worst time.


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