Y&R Recap: Under the guise of a man, Jordan shadows Claire, Tucker steps in to keep Audra from going after Ashley, and Adam says sorry to Victoria.

Mon April 1, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Adam shares with his father and Victoria the news of Connor’s OCD, Claire encounters Summer in a tense meeting, and Diane proposes to Kyle that they swap roles.

Friday’s recap: Nick consoles Adam, Victor plans to sweep Nikki off her feet, and Tucker informs Jack that Ashley is unraveling.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 1. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Jack shares his frustrations with Traci regarding Tucker’s claim of concern for Ashley.

Pointing out that he believes she’s been acting erratically.


Jack is convinced that Tucker is merely attempting to cause trouble.

He invites Traci to join him and Diane at the club.

However, she declines, mentioning she has some reading to catch up on.


Once he takes off, she flashes back to their last argument with their sister.

Ashley pops up and hopes the concerned look on her face has nothing to do with her.


She insists she’s over Tucker and doesn’t need any hovering.

Traci says he’s concerned about her and thinks her behavior has been erratic.

Ashley tells her not to believe his garbage. Her sister notes she’s been a bit “moody.”

This makes Ashley irate. She likes the idea of making Tucker think she’s crazy.


This worries her sister but Ashley insists she has a plan and it is all going as intended.

That makes Traci even more worried. Cocky Ashley says she has Tucker just where she wants him.

He thinks she’s fragile and vulnerable and that makes him vulnerable.

Then she can take away his heart and his empire and leave him bankrupt.


Traci isn’t sure about any of this but her sister is sure it will work and storms out.

Tucker corners Audra at the jazz club. He tells her that she is right to be angry at him over Ashley.


Whether she is having a breakdown or not is not his concern.

Audra is. She’s everything.

She wonders if he’s just telling her what she wants to hear.

He repeats she’s all he wants and he told Jack to look after his sister.


He’s not going to play hero to her.

The only person he’d want to play hero to is Audra.

She doesn’t need saving.

Tucker blurts out that he is desperate not to lose her.


He’s been a fool not to make her the priority he should have.

He won’t blame her if she walks away.

Tearing up, he tells her he’s so lucky to have her in his life.

She’s his best friend and he’s sorry.


She asks him to look into her eyes.

He does and tells her he loves her.

They touch hands and kiss. She loves him too.


Up in the dining room, Jack vents to Diane about what Tucker told him.

He admits that his sister has been acting out of character… but he believes her when she claims nothing is wrong.


They talk about the tension with Kyle and the resentment he has.

She worries that he won’t be able to work through that and won’t sacrifice her relationship with him just for a job.

Diane suggests they reverse roles.

That sounds drastic to Jack.


Switching jobs wouldn’t solve the problem.

He refuses to consider it and thinks she’s where she deserves to be.

When Audra and Tucker get to his suite, they find Ashley waiting for them.


He threatens to have her arrested.

She says they have business and he tells her to go.

As she goes, she says she’s doing this for them.

“There is no us,” he says, insisting he is out.

The Abbott asks to speak to him privately.

Audra tells her to have some self respect and stop throwing herself at Tucker over and over again.


Ashley asks him to out a muzzle on her and McCall has to hold Audra back from taking the Abbott to fist city.


He tells Ashley to go.

Once she does, Tucker asks Audra if she believes him now.

In the hallway, Ashley stumbles and gets disoriented, unsure of what’s going on.


“What am I doing here? What’s happening to me?” she wonders.

As she goes down the stairs, she avoids Jack and Diane and keeps wondering what’s happening.

At the ranch, Victor is yelling into his phone about how outrageous it is that Jordan has escaped again.


Adam wanders in and wonders how it’s even possible that woman is still a threat.

“I’m going to find her. Put an end to her,” growls Victor.


Adam explains that he is heading to the east coast with Chelsea and Connor.

His son has OCD and they are doing all they can to get him through it.

Victor didn’t know kids got that. Adam explains there is no cure but there is treatment.

Chelsea has found the best place for it and Victor says he will give them anything they need.


That means a lot to Adam. Victor knows what it’s like to have a suffering child.

It breaks his heart to hear about all of this but urges him to trust himself and keep doing what he has been.

Adam worries that this could be his fault.

He’s always a screw-up and hasn’t given his son a stable childhood.

His father tells him he had a son he couldn’t be around but he’s proud of the man that boy has become.


Victoria rushes in, looking for her daughter.

She asks her dad to call security.

Adam says he could barely get through security.

His sister says that’s just because they don’t like him.


When Victor leaves the siblings alone, Adam apologizes to Victoria for not accepting Claire the way he’s expected everyone to accept him.

This doesn’t sound like him to her.

He explains that Connor has OCD.

They are all scared and she’s sorry for all they are going through. She thinks it’s smart to be proactive.

Victor returns and explains that security says Claire went out for coffee.


Jordan checks into a motel, declaring it’s time the Newmans had their reckoning.


Claire is at Crimson Lights drinking mocha latte when Michael shows up.


She’s celebrating being out on her own. He doubts her family would allow that with Jordan on the loose.

She explains she slipped out. But Jordan doesn’t scare her.

The lawyer is still worried she’s out unprotected. She can’t live her life worried and wants to live like a normal person.


Laughing, he says she’s a strong woman like her mother.

Lauren walks in with pecan muffins. Her husband makes the introductions.


Claire says Michael took a chance on her and helped get her free.

She tells them how kind the Newmans have been.

Claire is thinking of finding some work with kids.

Michael and Lauren exit as Summer arrives.

Claire asks her to sit but she’s awkward and claims she’s just on a quick coffee breaks.


Her cousin guesses she learned what she did.

Summer admits it and can’t wrap her head around it.

Claire claims she’s not that person anymore and will spend the rest of her life making up for it.


Summer doesn’t see how she thinks she will ever be qualified to work with children.

Claire tells her she is working through things in therapy and trying to build a real life for herself.


Maybe because of the terrible things she did and were done to her, she will be able to deal with kids.

She did what she was told but takes responsibility for it and hopes Summer can see that and trust her.

Maybe one day they could have a real relationship as cousins.


Chance comes in and gets an introduction.


Claire gets a text from her mom and says she has to get back.

As she exits, disguised Jordan watches her.


Chance tells Summer her cousin seems nice.

She says she was plotting with her crazy aunt to destroy the family.

She fills him in on the murder attempt at the cabin.

Her family got her treatment instead of jail time.


Chance assumes they have faith the treatment is working.

Summer isn’t sure what to believe.

It’s hard to go from being homicidal to normal in a couple of months.


When Claire gets back to the ranch, her mom is relieved to see she’s safe and tells her not to go out again until Jordan is in custody.


Victor tells her to let someone know and take someone from the security team with her if she goes out.


Claire refuses to be afraid.

They know she wants to be independent but can’t take off like that.

Michael arrives and announces there is a potential lead on Jordan.

Someone bought a ticket under the name Eve Howard.


Victor suspects that’s a ruse.


Michael leaves to follow up on this.

Adam thanks his father for the jet and Victor and Victoria ask him to give Connor hugs from them.


Victor reminds his son he and Chelsea are the parents the boy needs.

After Adam exits, Claire asks what that was all about. Victor explains Connor has OCD.

Claire talks about kids she saw at the hospital and how scared they were.

Her mom is sure Connor will be lucky if he finds people as empathetic as her.


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